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40 Years of Spider-Woman | Ultimate Spider-Woman

In this article of the 40 Years of Spider-Woman series I bring a brief introduction to the Ultimate Spider-Woman.

Jessica Drew is a clone of Peter Parker and she has all his memories and all his powers, with the difference that she has organic webs.

Her origin happened in the second clone saga, (yes, I consider the first one the arc with the Carnage in Ultimate Spider-Man 60-64), in Ultimate Spider-Man 98 (Bendis & Bagley), when Ben Reilly was managed to produce some clones from Peter Parker's DNA, and Jessica was one of them. Ben, like Otto Octavius, was working for the CIA, in exchange for forgiveness for his crimes of the past.

The other clones created were Kaine, Scorpion, and Tarantula; and they, like Jessica, were bred to work for the CIA and they would have their memories of Peter Parker erased. However, Cassandra Webb freed them.
Kaine catches Mary Jane and takes her to an abandoned Oscorp facility. Jessica finds Peter and helps him to find Mary Jane, who was infected with the Oz formula, the same one that gave the powers of the Green Goblin to Norman Osborn. When they arrive at the facility they discover that Octavius was behind this mess. SHIELD arrives at the facility and ends up killing Kaine. But Peter asks Fury to remove SHIELD from the place and with the help of Jessica he manages to stop Otto.
When all the mess is over, his clone says she's going to live a new life as Jessica Drew.

Jessica would return only in Ultimatum, helping the survivors of the wave created by Magneto and saving aunt May, who asks Jessica to find Peter. Kitty Pryde would find his mask torn, believing he was dead. However, it was later discovered that he was alive.

Later Jessica joined SHIELD at the invitation of director Carol Danvers. And she also became a member of the Ultimates, in Jonathan Hickman's run.
It was at that time that Miles Morales began his career as Spider-Man. And for a long time Jessica was her tutor at Nick Fury's request. She convinced him to be Spider-Man again after one year without acting as Spider-Man due to his mother's death.

At the end of Cataclysm, with Captain America's death and the disappearance of Thor, Tony Stark shuts the Ultimates operation. However, Jessica decides to continue the legacy of the team by forming and leading the All New Ultimates, with Kitty Pride, Spider-Man, Bombshell, Cloak and Dagger.
The series, with scripts by Michel Fiffe, had 12 issues before being cancelled due to Jonathan Hickman's Secret Wars. In this series Jessica changes her codename and her uniform, calling herself Black Widow.

Also very important to mention is the miniseries Scarlet Spiders, linked to Spider-Verse from Dan Slott in Amazing Spider-Man, in which Jessica joins Kaine 616 and a Ben Reilly from an alternate reality to go to Earth 802 and try to stop the Heirs' cloning. At the end of the arc Ben sacrifices himself so that the mission is successfully completed.

With the end of the heirs' threat, Jessica returns to Earth 1610 with Miles Morales.
And she came to have her end with the incursion of  Earth 616 with Earth 1610, in Secret Wars #1, from Hickman. The reader should know that Miles Morales, in addition to Peter Parker and other heroes of Earth 616, survived the incursion and ended up in the reality dominated by Doctor Doom. With Reed Richards' victory over von Doom, a new reality was created, Terra Prime, in which Miles Morales would also integrate.

What I find most interesting in this Spider-Woman is her internal conflict and the difficulty of knowing who she is. Since she is a clone and has Peter Parker's memories, she has no memory of her own, no parents, and she needs to find out who she is and what she can do. This may be a parallel to Jessica Drew 616 and the conflict of a similar nature she had in her first series. If the Ultiverse still existed it would be interesting to put her and Jessica 616 together, like we saw in Spider-Men. Bendis knew how to develop this conflict as well, even in a subtle way, with Jessica 616 in the Agent of SWORD and in New Avengers.

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